News - 2010

December 2010

Michaela OSC died at Freeland on December 19th; Paul Anthony SSF died in Doncaster on December 24th following surgery to treat an aneurism. He was 51 years old and in his 24th year of profession. May they rest in peace and rise in glory. 
Oswald in PNG was ordained priest on December 12th.

October 2010

Lawrence and Stephen made their profession in life vows in Seoul on October 31st.
Peter made his profession in first vows at Hilfield on October 23rd.
Donald Zucca was admitted as a novice on October 12th at Little Portion Friary, NY, taking the name of Don-Angelo. 
Seven brothers in PNG made their profession in first vows on October 4th: John Gai, Lindsay Ijiba, Peter Kevin, Reuben Arthur, Rhoy Wadidika, Roy Tatopi and Wilbert.
Welcome to three new novices in the Solomon Islands, received on October 3rd: Polycarp Ravinago, Moffet Behulu and Nicholas Waro.
Ivanildo made his profession in life vows in San Francisco on August 21st.

September 2010

Maggie made her profession in life vows in San Francisco on September 9th

August 2010

Ivanildo made his profession in life vows in San Francisco on August 21st.

May 2010

News from the Provincial Chapter of the Province of the Americas SSF: 
Simon, Ambrose-Cristobal, James and Maximilian Kolbe were elected to First Profession. Their profession of vows took place the following day, May 22. 
Ivanildo was elected to Life Profession, this will take place in San Francisco in August. 
Will Roberts was clothed as a novice taking the name James-Paul.


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