News - 2012

October 2012

Please remember in your prayers the family and relatives of Bishop Charles Koete who was called to rest on 25th of October at Honiara hospital. Late Bishop Koete was the former Bishop Protector of the Solomon Islands Region.

The Juvenile Centre in Haruro Friary was officially opened by government officials on October 19. Photos of this and other events from PNG are on Worrick's Facebook page:

Brother Wilfrid (Frederick Simpson) died at his home in Hull on the evening of October 4th. He was 90 years old and in the 61st year of profession. Please remember him in your prayers, and also John Tasker who has been his carer for some years. His funeral will take place at Hilfield on Wednesday October 17th at noon.

The following postulants in the Solomon Islands were received as novices on the eve of St Francis day: Stephen Siosi Amau, Leslie Oda, Emos Helo and Gilford Maeta'a. Lent Fugui was ordained deacon on the feast of St Francis.

The new friary in Ukaka was dedicated on October 4, the same day on which Albert Bobogra and Clement made their profession in first vows and Edwin was admitted as a novice.

September 2012

August 2012

Brother Arnold died Friday 17th August, at around midday. He had been in hospital several times over the last few months, and eventually died at St Joseph's Hospice in Hackney, London. He was 92 years old, and in the 62nd year of his profession as a religious, having transferred from the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross to the Society of St Francis in 1963. His funeral is to be on Wednesday 5th September. 12 noon at St.Philip's Church, Plaistow, followed by cremation at East London Cemetery.May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Ronald celebrated his 100th birthday on August 18.

July 2012

Vaughan made his profession in first vows on Saturday July 7th at the Friary of the Divine Compassion, Plaistow.
Oswald Dumbari was elected as Minister Provincial of the Papua New Guinea Province at their provincial chapter in July 2012.
Mark D'Allesio was clothed a novice on Sunday July 29 at Little Portion Friary, NY, taking the name Mark Gregory.

June 2012

Brother Richard Jonathan died on Friday the 22nd June around noon, Eastern Daylight Time in Connecticut. He had attended his mother's funeral the previous week and was spending some time with his brother and undergoing treatment at the hospital out there. This morning he felt ill and his brother put him in the car to take him to hospital.He became worse and his brother pulled over and called 911 and whilst they were waiting Richard died in his arms. Today was his mother's birthday. He was 60 years old and in the 9th year of his Profession in SSF (he had been professed over 25 in ofm,cap before joining SSF). May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Beverley was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Tim Stevens on Saturday 30th June at 5 30pm at Leicester Cathedral, and presided at her first eucharist on Sunday 1st July at 11am at St Peter’s Church, St Peter’s Road, Leicester.

April 2012

Benedict has been elected Minister Provincial of the European Province. He will take office at the Annual Brothers' Chapter on 5th June.
Christopher John was elected Minister Provincial of the Province of the Divine Compassion. He will take office on 1st June.
James Andrew was elected Guardian of the Brisbane friary.

Wallace Yovero and Ham Kevaja made their profession in life vows at Haruro Friary on Easter Day 2012 and Jerry Ross his profession in first vows on Easter Eve.

March 2012

Clifton Henry was elected as Minister Provincial of the Province of the Solomon Islands at their provincial chapter in March 2012.

February 2012

On February 8 Helen Julian took office as Minister General CSF, and Sue as Minister Provincial of the CSF European Province. Joyce is going on sabbatical after many years of holding leadership/pastoral office in CSF.

January 2012

Wallace Yovero and Ham Kevaja are to make their profession in life vows at Haruro Friary on Easter Day 2012. This was delayed because the bishop protector was on sick leave due to the sudden passing of his wife last year.

Cristian, David, Micaeland Robert, were admitted as novices at Evening Prayer at Alnmouth Friary on Wednesday 11th January, during the Formation for Life Conference at the friary that week. They have taken the names of Cristian Michael, David, Micael Christoffer and Robert.

from the Province of the Divine Compassion: 
Raphael Suh is expected to make his profession in first vows on March 16 in Chuncheon, Korea.
Bruce-Paul's doctoral thesis The Graced Body: Toward a Theology of Human Sexuality has been passed by the examiners; he graduated on December 10th.
Nathan-James will be ordained deacon on February 4th.