News - July/August 2017

Province of the Solomon Islands: Nine men admitted to noviciate; Alphaus Tesau, Daniel Thogole, Wilfred Taoni and Harrison Rodosky professed in first vows; Luke Manitara elected to life profession. 

Province of the Solomon Islands

Worrick Marako, Acting Provincial Secretary writes: Greetings to you from Solomon Islands. I wish to inform you on the updates of the Province of the Solomon Islands. We have admitted (9) Novices at Hautabu on the 07th of May 2017, Namely; Charles Fox, Charles Pado, Hugo Ninivai, Lonsdale. John Bakila, John Bovea, Stanley, Steward and Victor. Also (4) Novices were professed on the day of Ascension 2017. Namely; Alphaus Tesau, Daniel Thogole, Wilfred Taoni and Harrison Rodosky.

Br. Luke Manitara was elected to Life Profession on the 4th October.


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