News - July/August 2017

Province of the Solomon Islands: Nine men admitted to noviciate; Alphaus Tesau, Daniel Thogole, Wilfred Taoni and Harrison Rodosky professed in first vows; Luke Manitara elected to life profession. 

News - June 2017

Christopher John elected minister general SSF

European Province: James Douglas first profession; Gwenfryd Mary celebrates 50th anniversary of profession; Christine James and Chris 25th anniversary of profession. 

Province of the Divine Compassion: Raphael life profession. 

Papua New Guinea Province: Oswald receives New Year's honour. 

News - May 2017

European Province: James Douglas first profession & Joseph Emmanuel life profession. Christian to celebrate 50th anniversary of priesthood.

News - March 2017

Euroepan Province: Celebrations of anniversaries for Donald and Elizabeth; James Douglas profession in first vows; Benedict re-elected as minister provinicial; new candidate.

Province of the Americas: Desmond Alban elected minister provincial; new novices - Luke & Thomas. 

News - February 2017

Death of Commins Romano SSF; James Douglas elected to first profession and Christopher Martin and Joseph Emmanuel elected to life profession in European Province. Jamie Hacker Hughes elected as TSSF new minister for European Province.


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