Society of St Francis - electronic document archive

Popularly known as EDNA, this website is the place to find documents relating to, or created by, the Society of St Francis.  

Some of these documents are publicly available - and you are welcome to browse through these. You can find our Rule and other documents which are part of the Manual.  You can also download the Intercessions list issued three times a year by the European Province. And the links page will take you to a range of SSF and other Franciscan websites. 

The content of all documents is indexed and can be searched for by the "search" box in the top right of each page.

Members of the First Order can log on and find documents such as chapter minutes and provincial communications.  


Edna will resize and reformat automatically to adjust to different sized screens so whether you view Edna in the old fashioned way on a desktop monitor screen, or a tablet, or a mobile phone it should still be readable and usable. 

Want the main body text to be a bit bigger or smaller? Use the A+ or A- buttons above the login box. The A button resets font size to the default.  

ID and Password

Individual users are invited to create their own ID and password (like on many other websites). If you forget your password you can reset it, or retrieve a forgotten user ID. To register your own ID you will need a normal SSF e-mail address. (That's how Madge knows you are who you say you are and not a spammer). 

Future Features

There are still some formatting issues being fixed and some pages will soon be broken up and splt into smaller sub-pages.

Provincial Secretaries and Ministers will be given the ability to upload documents directly to their relevant sections of EDNA - or continue in the same way by e-mailing to Edna's faithful bridesmaid, Madge.