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A biblical basis for a rule of life

A Biblical Basis for a Rule of Life. Talk given by Colin Wilfred SSF at the Roots and Shoots Conference, Hilfield, 8-12 January 2009

Franciscan Peacemaking. Franciscan Lecture by Joyce CSF delivered at Annual Brothers' Meeting, Hilfield, 2006.

“Repair my house”, Francis, Franciscans and the Church. Franciscan Lecture given by Colin Wilfred SSF at the Annual Brothers' Meeting, Hilfield, 2008

Fourteenth Annual Franciscan Lecture. Given by Sue Groom at the Annual Brothers' Meeting, Hilfield, 3 June 2009.

Sermon preached by the Very Rev'd Colin Slee at the Centenary of the Community of St Francis, Southwark Cathedral, 26 February 2005.

Sermon preached by Brian SSF at the 25th anniversary of the Blessing of the Monastery and Hermitage, Stroud. 2 July 2005.

The Consecrated Life in the Anglican Tradition and the Ecumenical Journey. Lecture given by Clark Berge SSF at the Year of the Consecrated Life Ecumenical Symposium, Vatican City, 22-25 January 2015


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